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Thanks everyone for your kind welcome and advice.



Congratulations and welcome. Your dad just gave you the best gift (besides your life) that you'll ever get from him. This will last sooooo long and bring soooooooo many great memories you can't imagine. I would get a grid thermo so you don't blow out your gasket again. A Maverick (or knockoff) ET-732, ET-733, iGrill, or thermo works have these. If you get the 2 probe units 1 will be for the grid and the other for 1 hunk of meat. That way you can keep the temps low enough to not fry that gasket. The easiest first cook that is kosher is a spatchcock chicken. They can handle just about any temp and still turn out great. As for a brisket I would try one as soon as you are comfortable with maintaining a low temp for 15+ hours before the big day later this year. Normally folks accomplish this by doing some pork butts but that isn't kosher so you could try low and slow a turkey. If you do this don't stuff the bird. Another nice piece to try is a Tri-Tip. These are cooked at around 350F but they taste wonderful.

Good luck, post pictures, and ask questions, we'll gladly assist you in anyway we can. If I was closer I would even come over and help you eat it :rofl: .


I'm actually not Jewish, the in-laws are, so cooking up some mean pork is no problem for me, but thanks for thinking of it in your post. That was really kind of you!

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In that case, the easiest low and slow is a pork butt. Very forgiving and easy to cook with a wide temp range. Cook till 200-210F Internal, let stand on counter under some foil for 30-45min and shred to the best pulled pork sandwich you've ever had. This will also get you comfortable with doing a long low and slow that you'll need when you do that brisket. Enjoy.

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