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is 16" too big for a diffuser?

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There will probably be a number of opinions on this. Mine is 16" is too large for a deflector. I think it is so large that it would not allow adequate air flow to allow your fire to function as it should. I see you have an Akorn so an over heated ceramic fire box would not be an issue, but if I remember right Akorn's do have issues with overheating as well. Just my 2 cents. 

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Lump burns in excess of about 1300° F and aluminum melts at about 1250°F. You might want to find a different metal with a much higher melting point than 1250°F.

oh I am not worried about that lol


If the temps got hot enough to melt an aluminum pan than I have bigger problems LOL


I already figured it out, its too big. I had a 250f fire, put the pan on and it would not go much about 160f so I am back to my cast iron skillet 



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