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Food saver Professional

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FoodSaver Professional

About six months ago I bought a food saver professional. This is my third food saver my first was a manual model that lasted about 10 years, my second was a automatic model which still works but I've never liked.

The automatic model worked fine if you use the food saver bags, never worked well with generic bags.

The automatic model also after ceiling 3 to 4 gallon bags overheated and requires a 20 minute cooling time.

Food saver professional model is simply the food saver game saver silver model without the 12 V adapter system. It was about 40% cheaper. It's supposedly also came with a larger vacuum motor .

She supposedly is good for up to 25 vacuum and seals without a resting period.

Found on sale for $112, food saver always run sales.

Well I like it, is small enough that it sits on the counter easy to pull out and use. I've never used to seal 25 bags, but it'll seal 6 to 8 bags without a problem.

Works great with the generic bags.

Of course I'd a chamber vacuum sealer, I have a friend who has one. However it's such a bother to get out he only uses it for really big jobs and ended up buying a smaller food saver like sealer to supplement it. I think this is a good model for most of us.


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Nice find.  I have one of the first ones (as backup) and I have a much older model still running strong.


I get the bags at Costco, they get sales on them once in a while.

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I've always preferred ARY VacMaster's Machines vs FoodsSaver. You seal 40 bags on a VacMaster with breaking a sweat. I've never used a FoodSaver that performed as well as the VacMaster and Weston machines.

Herea good Question Arrow,

Have you stress tested the new toy?

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