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I am so happy with this little thing that I wanted to come in here and let you guys know it's amazing. I own an Akorn, and with no mods it was almost impossible to lock consistent temps on it. Maybe 5 of 10 cooks would go well, but it would fluctuate alot. Mainly at low temps it was trying to snuff out the fire.

I read many reviews, and for the price and portablity I decided on the little PartyQ. It takes 4 AA batteries, but I did like 50 hours work of cooking before replacing the batteries. It was still working fine, but I was smoking a butt overnight, and wanted to be sure it had full batteries.

This thing has been great. I can stay locked at 225 with no problem. I'm smoking my best ribs now that I can keep it there with no worries. Also, it helps me bring the Akorn up to temp quicker without over shooting. I try to let it come up by itself about halfway, then I fire up the PartyQ and let it bring it up. When it gets within 30 degrees of it's target temp it blows little puffs to avoid overshooting.

For such a small machine I'm very impressed. I've done many different cooks at different temps and it hasn't failed me. When I get my KJ I plan on buying the ceramic adapter for it. I know temps should be much easier to control on the ceramic, but staying locked at low temps gives great peace of mind during long cooks. Highly recommend.


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Where did you get it? What price point?

Picked it up on amazon. At the time it was 165 with prime 2 day free shipping. That's with the Akorn adapter. I believe the price varies slightly depending on adapter.

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I just picked one up for my Vision Pro S.


I bought the adapter first so I could tinker with it and mount it permanently.


I removed the 'electric lighter' door and siliconed the adapter to the inside of the ash tray assembly - the port is centered in the opening of the electric starter port.   It looks very good and is an improvement to the Vision's overall looks.


Once I was satisfied that the adapter was solid I ordered the PartyQ.


The PartyQ works well and even has a submenu to adjust the probe incase it reads differently from another thermometer in the grill.


Great unit!

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