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    • By KamadoJones86
      Hey guys,
      I just got a Joetisserie / Napoleon basket and did a batch of wings...good lord, those are good. My only problem is that I use a temp controller and the only way I could use the pit probe today was dangling through the top hole. This worked but it wasn't very repeatable or exact (since I couldn't really see where it was dangling or if it was touching sides, etc). 
      How do you guys approach this issue? I've heard of brackets or hanging it off the inside temp probe but how are you doing that? Is there some special mount that I need?
      Any info would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
    • By pmillen
      I’m a bit annoyed by vague recipes.  Instructions like “Add some oregano” or “Add your preferred amount of garlic” are meaningless the first time I follow a given recipe.  Moreover, charcoal cooking temperatures, like medium-high, are especially worthless to me.  I know, I know, some of you will say, “Just cook it to the proper internal temperature irrespective of the heat.”  I do, but grill heat plays an important role in meat texture and Maillard reaction production.  
      So, since a medium temperature on my Kamado Joe is significantly different from the medium temperature attainable on my two-burner hibachi, I set about trying to determine if there’s an actual temperature consensus among professional cooks.  The first (and only) cookbook I reviewed is a collection of other authors’ recipes, Weber’s Greatest Hits, by Jamie Purviance.  He doesn’t differentiate between grate temperature and dome temperature, but his definitions appear to be–
      High............ 450° to 550°
      Med-High.... 400° to 500°
      Med............. 350° to 450°
      Low............. 250° to 350°
      So, what temperature do you use when you read Low, Medium or High?  And do you measure at the grate or dome?
      BTW, I prefer grate temperature since I consider dome thermometers to be unreliable, and even if accurate, don’t tell me much about the heat surrounding the meat.
    • By AikenJon
      There seem to be many opinions / styles of controlling the temp in a kamado:  Adjust BOTH top and bottom in tandem; set the BOTTOM FIXED open and do all adjustments for airflow with the top only and visa versa. 
      Is there any consensus on the "proper" way to do airflow adjustment. Any science or is it all personal preference and randomness.
      New to kamado and trying to get a sense for temp control. Also, trying for neutral smoke at this point. Early cooks have been too smoke intense.
      Thoughts / guidance would be appreciated.
    • By BennyB
      Hi all,
      I've had a feeling that my Pit Boss temp probe was a bit out so I tested it tonight in boiling water and it taps out at around 180f (my Thermopen read 211.6f). It doesn't look like you can calibrate it - I had a look at the end and although there's a ridge that a screwdriver can go in it doesn't move.
      I've seen a few people replace their gauge and Tell Tru brand pops up a lot, is there a particular model everyone recommends and where would I get it online? I'm in Australia so online is likely the only option.
    • By John Setzler
      My inner geek is tweaking once again.  I ordered one of these Fireboard thermometer systems from All Things BBQ yesterday...
      I have been reading a lot of good things about this unit in the Yoder groups.  It has six probe ports where you can run any combination of ambient or meat temp probes.  Its all wifi cloud controlled and you can name each probe descriptively, graph, and save any of the collected data from a cooking session.  
      I have not seen a lot of stir about this product in the kamado community, probably because it is not a pit controller.  When I spoke to the guys at ATBBQ about it, they told me that this was their top seller to ceramic owners.  I asked them about the Flame Boss since i see a lot of great feedback on that device.  They told me that they have a hard time selling that one.  
      I am looking forward to testing and reviewing this unit.  My reviews will mostly be on the Yoder YS640 where i am more likely to cook multiple large cuts of meat at the same time but I will review it on the Kamado as well...
      UPDATE **********  10/20/2017
      The Fireboard 'drive' cable is now available.  You can use the Fireboard to control a fan and control your pit temperature.  They want $89 for the proprietary cable that will let you attach a fan, which is an additional cost of $50 if you get it from Fireboard.  
      In my opinion, not worth the money to anyone who knows how to control their pit.  If you need electronic help controlling your pit/fire then, by all means, give this one a go.
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