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Snidley Whiplash Ribs

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Curses! Foiled again! ;- )






I showed my neighbor my bubba joe about a week ago and he was absolutely enamored with it. He knocked on my door a couple days ago and said, “I have a deal for you … you don’t have to agree, and I won’t be mad, but just hear me out …”


He had two slabs of baby-back ribs and wanted me to smoke them “any way I wanted.” If I agreed, I could keep one and he and his mother would share the other …


Hmmm … I had to consider this for a negative amount of time and I jumped on it.


Today was rib day …


Because I was doing this “for my neighbor” AND I hoped to make this an ongoing relationship – you provide the meat and I provide the BBQ ;- ) so, I decided to go traditional.


I filled my box with royal oak and a mix of hickory and cherry.


2 hours unwrapped with rub

1.5 hours wrapped (sadly it broke off some of the barque)

30-45 min with sauce (rebuilding the barque)


(Yes – I know … it’s bark … but I’m feeling fancy)



When I foiled, I added a little cooking wine – added a nice flavor.


Bubba parked at 250 and was rock solid – this was my fourth cook (plus a couple test fires), and I’m finding that we’re both working much better with each other. My first cook’s temperature variation was about 30-40 degrees. Today, he was not moving.









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Looks awesome but what did the neighbor think?

Is he up for round two?

On a side note:

We could start a whole new cable channel - BBQ With The Cartoon Greats

Dudley Do Right

Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny

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funny thing is  that they never came to pick them up - sad, really :roll:

i left a note and haven't heard back. i know that they leave for vacation tomorrow ... i guess that i might have to eat some more ... B)



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Nice Ribs! Have a neighbor who wants me to do some butts for a family get together in two weeks, still in negotiations. Think I will have him get a extra butt for me and a bag of lump.

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Honestly, i think that it's a fair trade. even this was a five hour cook, plus ramping up the kamado ... plus charcoal, rub, sauce, and foil.

I don't plan to "go into business" with my neighbors, but it's nice to get a little back for the effort.


These were definitely some of the best ribs i've ever had - double-yum!

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