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Questions about the Akorn

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The option is available... just not at the $300 price point. $500 is the starting point for the ceramics. I don't think you can get a ceramic too hot with the exception of possibly burning out the gaskets, and then you can replace those with ones that won't burn out.

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OK. I'm seriously considering getting a CG Kamado (if I can find one) but I have a few questions I was hoping to get answered first. I'm hoping someone won't mind helping me out.

1) Does it have a good paint job?

2) Is the cooker porcelain coated under the paint?

3) Does the cooking grate have any type of coating or is it raw cast iron that will rust if the seasoning burns off?

4) How much clearance is there between the upper cooking rack and the bottom of the lid of the cooker?

5) How difficult is it to bring temperatures down if you overshoot your target temp? For example, if I need to bring temps down from say 350-250 in my keg, it would take about 1 degree per minute. My egg is about 3 degrees per minute. Where would the CG fall in there?

Any help would be appreciated. Thx!

I think everyone missed the boat on the paint. The outside is not simple paint, it is powder coat. I rub mine down every 3-6 weeks with vegie oil to keep it looking like new.

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All do respect favog, but the salesman at Lowes is probably not an expert on coatings, metal forming or preventative maintenance. He might know a little something about assembling the various grills they sell or which charcoal is their best seller. My experience with the staff at Lowes (and HD to be fair) is that if they can manage to help me locate what I am looking for it's a special experience for us both. Beyond that, if I have questions about a product I'm better off searching the net for a product-specific forum like this. Sad but true...

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