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stuffed pork loin supreme

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Gonna do this for Christmas as well as a standard pork loin with some type of maple syrup glaze.. For the rub could you not just use a dry ranch packet or do you feel it would be overpowering?

I'm not sure what using the ranch packet would do.  Try it before Christmas dinner!  Kinda sounds good....  I do like sweet pork rub on this though.



Seeing as that post was from exactly one year ago tomorrow, he can probably tell us exactly how it turned out. ;)



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I made this earlier this week and it is outstanding. If you haven't tried yet do yourself a favor. Alternate cutting method if the spiral cut is to much. You can make a cut right down the center but not all the way through like you are butterflying a steak. Then butterfly the two left and right sides again. That should flatten it out nicely.

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    • By daninpd
      I went with a pineapple glazed pork tenderloin cooked to135 and served with a plate of grilled pineapple, watermelon, mango, strawberry and kiwi with a dressing for my salad.  The salad challenge is tough because salad is a rare bird for dinner in my house.  We do egg and tuna salads for different purposes, but generally they wind up in sandwiches or deviled eggs, not the star of the show.  This was a fun challenge because I made two stabs at it and didn't post results because of epic fails.  This cook was good.  Brined a pork tenderloin in a brine of:
      2 cans pineapple coconut nectar
      juice of 2 limes
      2" sprig rosemary
      1/4 c kosher salt
      Brined 4 hours, dried with paper towels and seasoned with Chupacabra Cajun seasoning.
      Then made a pineapple glaze for the pork tenderloin:
      1/2  cup pineapple preservers
      2 T honey
      1 T Soy sauce
      1 T minced ginger
      2 minced garlic cloves
      the sprig of rosemary from the brine
      Cook all of that until you're happy you have a glaze.
      Dressing for fruit salad:
      juice from 2 limes
      1/4 t cayenne
       The grilled fruit was watermelon. pineapple, kiwi, strawberries, pineapple and mango.
      It was a fun cook .

    • By SmokinSteveBBQ
      You never know what Ole SmokinSteve is going to come up with next so be sure to Subscribe and leave comments. Thanks for watching...... Smoke On .... it’s all Good!
    • By Cajunate
      Alright, I took a twin pack or pork tenderloins from the freezer to thaw yesterday but I didn't feel like grilling it today. So I cut each tenderloin up into chunks, seasoned them with salt and black pepper and lightly coated them with seasoned flour.  I browned these while I diced some onions. When browned I removed the pork and added the onions to cook until tender. Next I added a lil more flour and cooked that  down with the onions. Then I added some chicken base and water and simmered that until well incorporated and added the pork back to the pan and let it slowly simmer to cook. 

      Time to eat!

      Not bad at all!!!!!!!

    • By Tarheel
      Tried something new the other night using Robert Rothschild's Roasted Red Pepper and Onion sauce, which I had picked up at Costco a while back.
      First laid out the bacon, and coated with the red pepper sauce, then I added the pork tenderloin and wrapped it up. It was a bit sloppy looking both on the grill & plate, but it sure tasted good. I think I might use a bacon weave if I try this one again.
      BTW, these Rothschild sauces are really good, I've yet to try one I didn't like. The Roasted Pineapple & Habanero is also very good, carried by Costco intermittently.



    • By THATGUY
      The other day I bought an 8# pork tenderloin from Costco, I cut it in half and froze half of it.  I found a recipe for a Cuban style rotisserie pork tenderloin, it involved a lot of garlic and some citrus juice.  The garlic really came through, the citrus juice not so much, but it was really, really, tasty.  I think I let it go just a little long, the tenderloin was on the dry side, but the family really enjoyed it.  It even went well on lunch salads throughout the week.  I still think the JoeTisserie is a very expensive accessory, but I have cranked out some pretty solid dishes with it.  It's nice to have it in the inventory.  I am contemplating doing a turkey on it this year. 
      The full write up with pictures is in this link: http://www.backyardmovies.net/cuban-pork-tenderloin-on-the-joetisserie/