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Brisket issues

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Smoked a flat cut brisket using a large pan of water.  After several hours, and using my TTT to maintain about 225, the brisket hits 209.  Pulled it off and wrapped.  Carved it after a couple of hours.  Brisket was incredibly moist, but not very tender.  I usually pull it at 205.  Would the 4 degrees make that big of a difference?

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I start probing around 185.  I have also found that when done I wrap it in butcher paper of parchment paper, with several layers of foil.  Then it goes into an insulated bag for a minimum of 5 hours before it gets cut.  I have tried after 2 hours and i had the same issue it was tough.  This is why i almost always cook over night so i can get that 5 hour minimum rest i like to have.

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