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    • By Lancejames
      I may eventually be in the market for a second kamado (I own the Blaze aluminum kamado and love it), and wanted to know if anyone owns the Golden's cast iron kamado. If anyone owns this kamado or knows someone with the kamado, would you mind giving an update? I assume that this kamado cooks quite evenly (considering its mass) since my Blaze performers so well. I am a huge fan of anything made of cast iron, but was curious how easy it was to get the Golden's to pizza/searing temperature (600+ degrees). I made pizzas the other night on my blaze and think I did not add enough charcoal for a total of (4) pizzas to stay at 550-600 on a cool night; I blew through all of my charcoal quiskly. Also, has anyone smoked something like a brisket (12 plus hours) and noticed much temperature variance (My blaze does quite well). 
      Why do I want a second kamado you ask?
      1. Because I want to be able to cook multiple meats at different temps at the same time, or perhaps smoke one thing while using the rotisserie on the Blaze.  
      2. I want to be able to cook a lot of food (I enjoy cooking for others) 
      3. I'm a like a kid with his toys; my toys now revolve around food and beer... 
    • By geoboydjr
      Hey guys just wanted to share a little good news!
      Goldens' Cast Iron Cooker - the World's Toughest Kamado - was honored as a Vesta Award Finalist for Design & Innovation at this year's HPBExpo down in New Orleans. We are honored to have received this recognition and are having a blast in the Big Easy!
      If any of you are in New Orleans for the show. Please swing by our booth inside or, if the rain holds off, come by our cooking tent outside!
      Look forward to seeing you!

    • By bbqboss84601
      I did this on the Kamado Joe Classic and used a recipe from cooks illustrated. The dough was laminated to give it a fluffy yet crispy texture.
      Rolled, cut almost in half as I needed a larger one for a 10 inch cast iron pan and a 8 inch cast pan. 

      The sauce was made with grated onion and oregano, browned with butter then a can of crushed red tomatoes, reduced, then fresh basil and a little salt and pepper added once cooked.

      greased the 8 inch cast pan

      put the dough in and rolled the edges off with a rolling pin

      Put in diced pepperoni and cheese on the bottom with sauce on top and onto the Kamado Joe Classic it went

      Topped off with a little fresh parmesan cheese and let it go for about five more minutes

      The crust on this thing was just insane, flaky and crispy..

      This thing disappeared in a hurry. It was fantastic!

      Thanks for looking!
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