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Pre-Sous vide steaks for camping?

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Hi, I'm going for a weekend camping trip and was planning on bringing the Joe Jr. for some cooks.  I wanted to cook some of my aged steaks, but cooking for 8 make it hard to serve everyone at the same time.  So... I starting thinking about sous vide cook the steaks before hand.  Normally people will sous vide prior and just take it out to sear immediately after, but what about sous vide the steak at home to 130, then refrigerate, then drop in ice chest for a day or two, then finally sear and serve at the campsite?  I figured that I would have to let them out early to reach room temperature, and probably just sear each side for 90 seconds before serving, making it really fast cook.


What do you guru think?  Good idea? Bad?

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I'd sous vide them, then immediately put them [still in bag, obviously] in an ice bath and keep them in a cooler on ice until you're prepping the meal.


When you go camping, bring a stock pot, fill it with water, and heat it over the campfire back up to 120 degrees or so. Drop the steaks [still in bag, obviously] in there for about an hour. Then pull them out of the bag and sear.


With sous vide, the "cook and serve" is pretty common. The "cook and hold" is a lot more difficult and more worrisome from a bacterial/etc standpoint. That's why I say to immediately put them in the ice bath. You want to chill them as soon and as quickly as you can after sous vide.


BTW if it were me, I'd almost rather do a poor-man's sous vide instead. Basically just get a stock pot full of water over the campfire to 130 deg or so (your instant-read comes in handy). Take the pre-bagged steaks and drop them in there to cook, then sear. Forget about the sous vide at home, then chilling, then reheating, and just do the poor-man's sous vide on site.

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