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I sometimes have sense enough to come in outa the rain......


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Today's local weather is sub par for grilling.














Good thing I'm not grilling.........I'm kamado smoking in fairly weatherproof fashion.  :good:  




The Big Joe's cart rolls with supreme ease and I scooted it up close to the door.   The JoeBlow was used with zero trouble and lit the lump quickly while I stood beneath the overhang and stayed dry.    It was pouring down rain at the time.   As soon as the grill was lit and coming up to temp the rain stopped, of course.   Oh well, I'm ready when the next band comes through.  Looks like it's going to be this way all day.....perhaps all week.













So nice to be able to peek out the door and make any needed adjustments.














So.....what am a smoking ?






St. Lois cut spares.  









I'd let the Dizzy Pig Pineapple Head base rub set up and glaze over and then hit it with my old standard, Cimarron Doc's.  







Huge chunks of lump enhanced with Bosco's peach wood.










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Thank you, gentlemen !!!!




It feels GREAT to be playing with fire again.   :good:










Make sure you have water wings or one of the floaty things close by in case it gets deep .  








I suppose I could result to drastic measures and follow the obnoxious mermaid, Rosie Odonell's lead............









































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Well look at this....Dub posting pictures of his cook!!!

What weather app is that Dub, and no tunes for this one?

Cook on!



My Radar Pro



I highly, highly recommend it.    Stellar weather app.  Versatility and accuracy is amazing.



No tunes this morning......had Fox News on and was catching up on stuff.






Liking that Smokeware cap❗Cook on❗♨







I'm really enjoying this thing so far.



I like the tapered slot....working well for getting it settled in on 225.













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An hour or two from being done.




Just checked.....














I have to make some decisions on sauce in a few minutes.

















Meantime......I'll sip on the a bottle of great suds that I've really grown to love these past few months:





































And you thought I meant beer-suds.   :-D



I've yet to try a version of Diet Snapple that I didn't really enjoy. :good:

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