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Smoked Italian Beef Sandwich

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Every weekend this month was busy for me, so I had to throw together something quick in order have an entry into this months challenge.  I'd made Chicago style Italian beef sandwiches before in a crock pot, so why not in a cast iron pot on my Big Joe, and why not add some smoke!


I took a nice chuck roast and blasted it with smoke for about an hour and a half a 225 degrees.



I was ready to rip off a chunk of it at this point, but I resisted.



Next, I threw in the rings of 1 sweet onion, and a whole jar of pepperoncini peppers and their liquid.



Throw the lid on and wait!



6 hours later, the beef is ready for eating.



After splitting and lightly toasting the inside of the rolls, I filled them with beef and peppers (for those of us that wanted them), threw on some provolone, and on the smoker for a few minutes to toast the outside of the bread and melt the cheese.



Toasted and tasty!



The final product along with some blue Tortilla chips, and a dollop of homemade sauce for dipping.  The sauce consists of sour cream, horseradish, dill, garlic powder, onion powder, parsley, salt and pepper (you could also simplify and use a packet of ranch).



I can tell you that I'll be revisiting this one in the future.  It was crazy simple to make, but it tastes awesome!  The smoke flavor added a nice touch on this sandwich, so I can't see going back to the crock pot method anymore.



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Damn, gonna copy you bro. This looks awesome.


Do it, you won't be disappointed!  It was KILLER!!





This looks amazing!  I'm posting the link to this thread on the Kamado Joe Facebook and Twitter accounts tomorrow evening.  I also may do this cook as a video in the near future!  Fantastic job with it! 

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