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^ Agreed. I have seen some political posts and pictures that I would have liked to respond to but decided that it wasn't worth upsetting anyone. Now if we were ever in person..... I DO have opinions just like everyone. Just for the record though, In reality and I'm serious here, sometimes I foil and sometimes I don't. It's not that I'm trying to be politically correct, It's just what I feel like that particular day. I guess we need to create a waffling point and I'd be the first to get one :rofl: .

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Problems between members can extend beyond the edges of the message board and enter the world of courts and lawyers, both civil and criminal. And if anyone thinks they can hide behind a screen name, think again. Every byte created is stored, copied and archived, and every byte is subject to subpoena, especially in criminal cases. Even PMs; to the law, they're just another form of email.  Hence almost all message boards take steps to (try) to prevent nonsense such as harassment.  


I don't recall what, if anything was in the user agreement when I signed up for Kamado Guru, but this provision would be a good one to have.   

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