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Imperial Shrimp


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My heritage cook - Imperial Shrimp

My relatives have been born in the US for many generations. I really don't relate at all to my "Heritage". I'm not German American, I'm just plain American.

With that said I was raised in the Chesapeake Bay Region. Phillips Crab House was a popular restaurant. I even worked there for a summer at the beach (18 years old). They had a Crab Imperial that they would use as stuffing for fish, lobster and Shrimp. In my early 30's I moved from that region and haven't eaten (or found) Crab Imperial since. I looked up the recipe online and here is my version.

Although not blue crabs it is what I had in my freezer.


I steamed/defrosted them on the Komodo in a croker sack.


We use to call this place Red Slobster as it was considered very low end seafood - but cheddar biscuits are the bomb.


Grilled asparagus with Imperial sauce and cheddar cheese ready for the outdoor broiler.


Frozen U-15 shrimp for only $11 lb. Yea, couldn't believe the price and at Walmart none the less. I bought all they had. Unfortunately only 2 bags left. This is a little over 1 lb.


Butterflied them open leaving the shell on the bottom so they wouldn't burn. Added some Crab Imperial stuffing.


Onto the Komodo Kamado they go.


Pulled from the KK and then added some Imperial Sauce and grated Asiago cheese, ready for the Blackstone outdoor broiler.


At about 900* broiler temperature it only took about one minute.


And the money shot. This was about 30 years in the waiting. I will definitely make this again on special occasions. One of the best meals me and Mrs skreef has eaten in a long time - and that is a hard statement to make but she totally agrees.


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Nicely done ckreef love the idea crabmeat and prawns I'm finding this challenge a bit hard I do not connect with my father's family heritage at all which is scandanavian I was born in Australia might have to do a mixture lol how do you make your cheddar biscuits

That was my problem also. I do not connect with any of my true heritage. My mom never really cooked any heritage dishes. Growing up our heritage was never really in our life.

So that is why I went with the Chesapeake Bay Region. It was the only real heritage that I related to.

Just cook a genuine Australian dish as that seems to be the heritage you were raised in.

As for the cheddar biscuits. That was the boxed variety from Red Lobster. Add cheddar cheese and bake. Sort of cheated on that part of the meal - LOL

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Killer cook as usual Ckreef. That money shot is well.....MONEY. I am a California boy and I can honestly say I had no idea what a croker sack was. Learn something new every day. Great Entry.

Cooking in a croker sack was something Mrs skreef taught me on our honeymoon. I would have never thought to cook something that way before then.
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Rarely do I see a photo that gets me to drooling immediately but your money shot did it. I am a New Englander by birth and a seafood lover by choice. Congrats to the "reef" family for a walk through of what must have been a treasured meal.

I've done stuffed shrimp before but this Imperial stuffing with Imperial sauce was nice and creamy and really took it to a whole new level.

Just how I remembered it from eating at Phillips Crab House in my younger days.

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