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Venison Tenderloin Advice Requested


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Need some ideas/help.  I have two venison tenderloins that I'm grilling tonight and wanted to check in to see if there was any advice as to IT cooking temps and seasonings that anyone recommends.  I was thinking of going direct with it and will have them probed.  Shooting for medium rare on one and one just a smidge above medium rare (for the wife).


Your thoughts and advice are appreciated!

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UTVol - +1^ on Delaware Smoker's advice. Take your IT to about 132° for your tenderloin and 135° for your Bride's and let them coast up under foil. Your final temps should be something like 135-137 for yours and 138-140 for the Boss.

Have your dinner eaten and your crying towels ready about 5:00 p.m. CST 'cause your Vols are going down to my Sooners! :lol:

(Haven't seen much smack talk around here this season so I thought I'd initiate the deal.)

Here's to a good game and an even better cook!

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What Delaware said. If you keep it whole about 3 minutes a side and check temps. If butterflied 90 seconds a side and check the temps. I grilled the last one at 550.

I plan on being in Humphreys County the second week of muzzleloader and into the rifle opener before Thanksgiving. Whack em and stack em!!

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Thanks guys for the advice!  I think I'll go with Delaware's advice but I wouldn't ask him for betting advice on college football!  Actually, I think the Sooners will probably pull this one out but it should be a good test for us either way.


CC, thanks for the IT guide, I'm looking forward to it!


Magician, thanks for the timing, that will help.  Go get 'em and if you stack them too high I'll be more than happy to take what doesn't fit in the freezer off your hands. :)


Any ideas on seasonings?

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