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1st Brisket under my belt finally.

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Finally got the first brisket done.   


I've been wanting to do this for a while, but good brisket is hard to find around here.  It's mostly special order.

We had a neighbourhood bbq last weeekend.  My neighbour wanted to do a brisket on my kamado,  but couldn't get it in time, so he ordered it, and picked it up

last night.


It was a 15lb hunk of beautiful meat.  I gave my friend some brisket rub and gave him some pointers.   We put it on around 9PM and had a couple tasty beverages while we monitored the temps for the first couple hours to ensure the temp was stable.  Then left it do it's thing.


The pictures were taken at the moment we dropped it on the grill, 15 hours in, and as the 1st cut was made.


I kept the grill between 210 and 225, never foiled, and no injections.  Just a dry rub and delicious magical smoke.


It was incredibly moist and delicious.   It was like cutting through soft butter with a hot knife.  Everyone ate it with plastic forks & knives.


My neighbour invited about 18 adults for a pot-luck.   Everyone raved.  It turned out perfect.  There wasn't a speck of meat left

when everyone was done eating.  I enjoyed just staying back and letting him take the credit.   After all, he did pay for the meat.

Will definitely be doing this again soon. 




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Look Good!  I cooked a 17lb brisket this weekend too.  What wasn't eaten during the meal was taken home in doggy bags by all the guests.  I got thank-you messages frompeople today while they enjoyed lunch!  I too love cooking, but sharing it is great.  People think that you have preformed some sort of voodoo magic to cook such a great tasting, tender, juicy piece of meat!

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that looks real tasty!


There were absolutely no leftovers.  People were grabbing the trimmings out from under the knife.   It really did turn out much better

than I hoped for my first brisket.   


That said, it wouldn't have been so successful if not for the hours I spent reading tips from the  Guru's, and amazingribs.com

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Gosh I wouldn't want to live anywhere I couldn't go to the grocery store and buy a full brisket....Great job! Agree with others great bark!


No kidding.  Unfortunately, in Canada, it's not such a common item.  I've never seen brisket in Costco here, it's always a butcher item.  There are a few

places that offer them, but all the places I've called or spoken to, they are a special order item. 

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