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Divide & Conquer?

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So maybe it's me but I use a expanded metal charcoal basket in my akorn and I have a big cast iron skillet less a handle I just set it on the basket and let it heat up then sear away and add stock grate (skillet in place). Pulling meat up to stock rack let's the heat go down b/c of the distance and skillet as a heat stop. Cooks a mean steak if you listen to my family.

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I'll toss my $.02 in here. If you want the divide and conquer system for 2-zone cooking on the Akorn, I think the easiest way is the charcoal basket on a weber grate. I have never gotten around to making one for my Akorn, mostly because I haven't found much of a need for 2-zone cooking yet. If you are looking to do 2-zone cooking primarily for steaks, there are plenty of ways to do it. Again, making the searing basket is a good way, but I prefer full contact sear instead of grill marks so I usually use the lodge cast iron skillet that is linked here pretty regularly. ( I would link it, but I'm on my work computer and can't get to most shopping sites)


I almost always cook steaks using a reverse sear, unless they are really thin. Most people say it isn't worth the trouble unless the steaks are thick, but it isn't much more hassle, and I love the results. Anyway, I use the griddle as a heat deflector. Once the steak is within 10-15 degrees of target, I take off my main grate, open the vents, and toss the steaks on the lodge griddle. If you want to wait a few minutes for it to heat up more once the vents are open, by all means. I find that it is usually plenty hot. Since one side of the griddle is flat, you get a nice even sear. If you prefer the grill marks, just make sure that side of the griddle is facing up before you start.


If you aren't looking for ways to get a good steak off of an Akorn and have some other need for the divide and conquer system, then I apologize for the long, off-topic post. :)



PS: @540Perry Is that the grate that came with your Akorn?? I like my cast iron grate for the most part, but I would prefer a nice stainless steel grate. If it is standard on the new Akorns, I might need to look into picking one up.

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PS: @540Perry Is that the grate that came with your Akorn??


Nope, I bought it from http://michaelscustomgrillworks.com/,and am very happy with the purchase.


My CI grate developed a small crack, and I wasn't too fond of it anyway.  Too much re-seasoning, and could do without the center insert.



+1 for Michaels. He creates one heck of a grill grate. 

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