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Quick and easy grilled football food........


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Enjoying the day off work today.




Cleaned out my firebox this morning with supreme ease.  Simply raked the ash across the bottom grate and emptied the ash tray as it filled.


Simple.  Fast.   Easy.   Another great feature that Kamado Joe has added.




Had some chicken breasts and wings in Mad Hunky brine since my morning coffee.



Deck radio tuned into local classic rock station.  Great playlist this morning with a little football talked interspersed.  


Added some outstanding lump that I've been getting from Fireside Grills in downtown Augusta, Georgia.  Doesn't have a name.  It consists of tremendous pieces of dense lump in a massive white bag.  Imported from Argentina.  One of these days I"m going to slip down there and do one of their legendary dove hunts and see where their lump comes from firsthand.  


Tossed in a couple chunks of Bosco-approved peach wood for good measure.  Fired up the Big Red and let it smoke pleasantly for a while as I killed the last of my java.  






Went ahead and grilled up some boneless breasts early on so I could use them for my chicken dip (recipe in the recipe section).














Had a little indoor work to do that involved chopping stuff for the dip and getting yardbird rubbed.  Couldn't hear the deck radio to my satisfaction....had the house to myself other than the dogs.....and they never complain over what I play...just the volume.


Krunk up the kitchen Bluetooth speaker to a satisfactory volume and put some new tunes on.  Great chopping music.












My lovely bride asked that I tone it down on the heat so I didn't use my favorite wing rub......but used my favorite rib rub instead.  Because of this change, I'd set the Big Joe up with 1/2 heat deflector in place and ran the grill cooler than normal.


Once the wings were close .....just after the Conecuh sausage & hot dogs were ready.....I flipped them over the coals to crisp up the skin but tried not to allow the rib rub to scorch too much. Pic below taken just prior to this.










We all like our hot dogs done....splitting done.  The Conecuh was great cut into small pieces that we dipped in mustard or bbq sauce.  My wife likes to dip her's in Crawtater sauce.  I think she's onto something good there.



I achieved the desired crispiness on the wings, but the rib rub scorched just a tad.  It wasn't objectionable at all in terms of flavor, though.  I should have kept them on the cooler side a while longer so less time would be needed over the coals.













No plated pics.....because it was a blur of fast action after that.   :rofl:    







Football viewing at my hacienda today will be the East Carolina-Navy game, Georgia-South Carolina and then the Ole Miss-Bama games.




Lazy days are great days around the house.




It's worth noting that the weather today was outstanding.....sunny and mid-80's at the time of grilling with highs in low-90's forecasted.



Hope everyone is having a great day !!!!

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Added some outstanding lump that I've been getting from Fireside Grills in downtown Augusta, Georgia. Doesn't have a name. It consists of tremendous pieces of dense lump in a massive white bag. Imported from Argentina. One of these days I"m going to slip down there and do one of their legendary dove hunts and see where their lump comes from firsthand.

Great looking cook.

As for that lump - when we recently went there they no longer had the unnamed Argentina lump. They are now carrying Fogo, KJ brown and red bag and Carbon Del Sur.

I bought a bag of Carbon Del Sur but have yet to open it.

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    • By cameronleespencer
      Hello There!
      Texan, currently living in Seattle, finally got a backyard to do some grilling in this summer!
      I'm currently grilling on a Weber performer, while I restore a Big Joe that I got off fb marketplace.  I have a thread in the DIY section with some photos if anyone is interested or has some good recommendations.  
      Can't wait to get cooking on the Kamado once it is up and running.  Most looking forward to cooking some pizzas and of course brisket, being a Texan!
      Cameron Spencer
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      I'm new to the world of Kamado cooking and to this forum, so I'm looking forward to some dialogue.
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      Missing parts:
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      hey guys,
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      My set up is deflectors on the grill in top position. Spacers on top of that with pizza stone then on top.
      So my question/s is when doing high heat cooks:
      1. How long do u let the kj heat sink for? I have just opened the vents and let it ride. When up to 650/700 put pizzas on.
      2. Where do people set their vents? How open is the bottom and top? As above i nlrmally just open them up and stick the pizza on at above the 650/700 mark.
      3. How long should this sort of temp last or is safe for the kj? If i had a pizza party how long could this keep up for eg.
      Any advice or thoughts is welcome?
    • By KamadoMax
      - Chicken Wings
      - Oil
      - Kosmos Q Wing Dust (optional)
      - Your favorite Wing Sauce 
      This cook is so simple! I take the wing portions and coat them in some neutral oil (canola, EVOO, Avocado). Then I toss in Kosmos Q Wing dust - for this one I used their Buffalo version but you can chose your favorite. If you don't have wing dust, you can use salt and pepper along with some cayenne. Once the wings are coated I throw them into the Napoleon basket which is attached to the JoeTisserie. As with most of my JoeTisserie cooks, I bank the coals to the back and let them come up to about 400-425 degrees. Put the JoeTisserie in place and turn it on! The wings will rotate for about 45 minutes, or until perfectly golden brown and crispy. Take them out and enjoy as is or with your favorite wing sauce! 
      I love doing wings this way. For me, it's the best way to get consistently crispy and perfectly done wings. The really taste like they came out of a fryer. 
      Enjoy the video! 
    • By Graham
      Morning Kamado Warriors, 
      First time poster and an all round amateur "cooker" in all honesty. Been using cheap hardware store Charcoal BBQs for about 10 years but decided that if i am going to be stuck at home for months then i am going to do it with a beer in my hand and a decent plate of food in front of me. I have just purchased a Big Joe 3 and it's on it's way ... Here comes the concern.
      I live in the UK and have no access to my garden, i have to go through the house. UK Standard door width is 29" (74cms) ... is the dam thing actually going to fit through the door? Due to COVID, its me and my wife and we can't ask people for help due to the restriction in the UK. I can lift / shift a 100Kg washer dryer on my own but it almost kills me. My wife is fairly strong but i am worried that we will not be able to move the BBQ into the house to wait for reinforcements.   
      I should thought of these things before buying a ceramic hulk but all the pictures of you guys enjoying a veritable conucopia of meat dishes made me hasty!
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