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You preferred Sous Vide Caramelization method?


How do you add char to your Sous Vide Steaks?  

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Voted "Hybrid" except for "soggy". It depends on what has been cooked. Steaks/chops like a cast skillet or grill while roasts like the torch. The torch is also handy for surfaces that are not flat/even.


No matter the method you will need a hot surface (oiled) and a dry piece of meat to get a nice char.

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A propane torch is becoming my go-to method. I like the fast that the char is somewhat superficial, vs other methods that may add more grey than I'd like. I also love the ability to focus on some areas more than others, burning fat and whatnot, where it's needed.


But I've also been playing with hybrid a bit. 30 seconds per side on a very hot skillet seasoned with grapes oil seems to add a nice flavor. Though longer than that begins to cook the meat more than I'd like, and I always need to touch up the fatty areas with torch, anyhow.  


My last cook, I just dabbed a bit of il on the chops, as I burned them, to see if I could eliminate the hassle of firing up the skillet. It came out OK...?


Still trying to learn...

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I use my Kamado twice for Sous Vide.

First I smoke the steaks at a very low almost cold smoke 150 degrees for about 35 minutes, this gives that nice smokey flavor Sous Vide is usually missing then vacuum seal and Sous Vide, about 30 minutes before the steaks are done I raise the temp on Kamado to a good 800+ degrees, add some wood chips just before to get it to flare up and lots of flame on preferably a cast iron grill grate that is close to the coals.

Sear about 30-45 seconds per side is usually about all it takes for a really good sear.

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