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Low temperatures?


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As you can see in my pic I have a keg and a cypress. I have very little trouble controlling temp in either. I will say that when doing long overnight cooks with both kamados, side by side, monitored by my maverick thermometer it seems the ceramic is ever so slightly more stable with the temp than the keg. Neither one is a problem. I prefer the keg. There are lots of quality kamados, so do your research. Joe owners will tell you to buy a joe, egg heads will tell you eggs are best, primo owners will endorse primo, and keg owners are going to support the keg. So I think buying a kamado is a no lose scenario. For the most part we all love our cookers. But I will list some things I love about my keg. Steel don't crack if you do something dumb. Mine got hit by a fork lift, no lie, no problem. It's fairly light. Portable. Can hitch it to my jeep. The stand has big oversized wheels, not little casters. Seems like no big deal, until you try and move a couple kamados across the lawn, and one is 300 lbs of ceramic on little casters, and the other is light with big off road tires that rival my jeeps you will apreciate the difference. Wicked solid build. Vents are solid. It's crazy how long a load of charcoal will last.

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I just recently sold my Keg after about 10 years of continuous use - the one thing I could never do reliably is hold temperatures under 275 reliably.  I even ran it with a temperature controller (Pitmaster IQ120) and it would have issues as well.  It is too well insulated and requires such a small fire to maintain low temps that it would either spike or go out.  I also found the smoke flavour at low temps "harsh".  At 275+, it worked amazing though, and paid for itself being so fuel miserly.


Note...mine was a "Big Steel Keg"...the generation before the Broil King takeover so perhaps they changed something to make it a little more stable.


I've also owned ceramics (which I replaced for other reasons) which never suffered the same issue.


My current Weber Summit Kamado also easily holds 225 with no effort in comparison...but it uses a lot more fuel doing it too!


Baby Back Maniac (check out his YouTube Channel) commented on the same experience as well. 


So, if a PRIMARY use is as a smoker, I would recommend something else.

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Hey @Vegas - I’ve had no issues with my ‘current model’ Broil King Keg at low temperatures - See attached a snapshot of today’s cook... I ran it at 220 for an hour to get this screenshot, but have since cranked it up to 235 as I was late getting the ribs on..



The bottom ash tray design can be pulled out to tip out all the ash in one go - It is a great feature, but does result in a poor metal to metal seal... With the Fireboard fan at 60% I can see lots of smoke coming out from around the bottom... I’ve seen a few people rant about these leaks and using high temp sealant on the forum, but for me, it does not seem to impact temperature control. 


Just replaced my first lid gasket after 3 years, only because it was compressed and stiff. I highly recommend the Keg for the same comments as @prowe  - Weight, portability, vent design, no concerns of cracking (though I don’t always cover or clean it well -  so may rust out eventually)..


Not sure if the Fireboard 2 Pro is waterproof.. But there’s been pretty steady rain (and that frozen rain stuff!) all day, so popped it into a freezer bag for protection!



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