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Warsteiner Soaked Kraut and Sausage


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My heritage cook - Warsteiner soaked kraut and sausage.


While I don't know our full heritage I do know that there was quite a bit of German and with Oktoberfest  in the air (I do enjoy a good German beer this time of year, in fact I'm having one as I post this) I decided to stay simple and try to be true to the heritage theme.  Living on the gulf coast we have no shortage of really good sausage choices (conecuh being my favorite) but I wanted to try to stay traditional so I sourced my sausages from the Elberta grocery. They carry the same ones used for the Elberta German Sausage Festival.  Grab a dutch oven and throw in some sauerkraut an onion and Warsteiner Oktoberfest Special Edition and there you have it. The money shot is plated with dark german bread and spicy mustard.

Thanks for looking.


Money Shot! 








Slice onions and top with sausages




Cover with Kraut and  Warsteiner 




Put the lid on and to the Kamado




After about 45 mins to an hour take the lid off, stir the kraut and put the sausages on top




Flip the sausages, stir the kraut and cook another 30 to 45 mins








Thanks for looking.





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Thank you!  It turned out great.  Going to make it again with Cajun Conecuh, andouille and maybe some potato buns.  Almost all of the pics that I have posted for the challenges and regular cooks have been taken with Samsung Galaxy 5 s.  The last two money shots were taken with an actual camera.

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