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Garlic prawns and bacon pizza

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Well the Joe needed a clean so I marinated some prawns In garlic and oil and cooked off some bacon and sliced up some red onion was supposed to put some pineapple on but forgot lold108c5be5dc3a66f477f1ca7b9e6b7ff.jpg added some parmesan and mozzarellac9fd56fc2824dbc811a9cd27defe3813.jpg after 9 min at 550 f8f295156558a71874b21cf365101d86.jpgcf5206485ced80f4c8ea02bcc5ec3fc1.jpg done41acb6fb646d9ee7c884509db4b9b15b.jpg and plated the prawns puffed up nicley78662b130f74ba907fde702d6a4782d0.jpg

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