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Grabbed me one of dem akorns

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Welcome. You can get a charcoal grate for a Webber grill and a cast iron griddle from Academy Sports that will work just as well as the stone. Plus the griddle is more durable (in my opinion). Also for a little less money. Enjoy

I hear that temp controll is more difficult with the grate and griddle idea over the stone. Any opinion on this?
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Congrats on the buy. You can use a Webber charcoal grate with an aluminum pizza pan as a heat diffuser and it does work. But after buying stones for my akorns, the temps seem to hold even better. A $35 solution is not a bad deal.

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Find yourself some good clean sand, a tin pizza pan, and some wide bbq foil.

Lay a large piece of foil across the pan. Pour and spread out a 3/4" layer of sand on the foil, then carefully wrap it to enclose the sand. You are looking for a thermo absorber and this will work fine for your first cook. You will need to support this pan between the fire and the grill somehow.

I would then take another big piece of foil, fold the sides to create a drip pan and set it on top of the sand pack. Once your cook is done, close it up and toss it.

Simple but it will work for you. Just make sure the sand is very clean. You don't want unfiltered sandbox stuff. A single cat "chunk" in there will spoil your whole cook!

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