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My new Komodo and cabinet


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Today was delivery day for my twin 23" Komodo in bronze metallic and teak cabinet with the stainless steel insert. The Komodo products come well crated yet so easy to uncrate. It might of taken 10min to get the Komodo out of the crate.

Lets start with the teak cabinet. The quality and fit and finish is amazing. post-7525-0-56894200-1444269470_thumb.jppost-7525-0-46768000-1444269487_thumb.jp

The stainless steel insert is 304 and brushed post-7525-0-39451800-1444269501_thumb.jp

Look at how thick the top is it has to be a good inch thickpost-7525-0-95481500-1444269520_thumb.jp

The inside if the cabinet


Now on to the stars of the show the Komodo's. I have named my two 23" Komodo's Dexter and Sinister. Dexter and Sinister is Latin for right ( Dexter ) and left ( Sinister ). This way when I'm cooking on Dexter you know I'm cooking on the rightside of the table...lol.post-7525-0-79065100-1444270831_thumb.jp

The back and the side view


The dual vent bottom vent and BBQ Guru portpost-7525-0-03371400-1444270904_thumb.jppost-7525-0-95272900-1444270971_thumb.jp

The covers are made from Sunbrella fabric and fit perfectlypost-7525-0-42729600-1444271688_thumb.jp

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Absolutely stunning. What an awesome setup. It all just fits so nicely together. Total Bling factor in that setup.

I would say that you now need to do awesome cooks to match that setup but you already do that anyways.

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