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I'm always looking to improve my cooking skills, especially for techniques required in various recipes, or to learn more about the fundamentals of cooking. Recently I stumbled across the website Stella Culinary which offers quite a few videos, podcasts and commentary on cooking and, as near as I can tell, all for the cost of an email signup. So far I haven't been slammed with gratuitous or spam-smelling emails. 


The instructor/chef works at Cedar House Sport Hotel in Truckee, CA on Lake Tahoe.  Looks quite nice. 


Anyway, FWIW and I've already learned a few things such as a better way to make braised beef short ribs and a pan reduction sauce. Not a quick method, but I tried it this weekend and the results were exceptional. 

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    • By Buddy110
      IS it just me or does the K-joe cook much faster than non ceramic smokers? I am finding ribs take less than three hours and an 8 lb brisket about 5. My old smoker took double that. Temps hold steady at ~225
    • By Bryant Kamado
      300℃ and 10 minutes, the skills is how to put the pizza upper on the paddle :)) 

    • By Marty
      Netflix has a series called Cooked. I found it interesting.
      It takes a different view of the food we eat from a historic and evolutionary view point as to how we got to where we are and how it has affected both what we eat  its taste,our health, and physical realities.
      It covers roasting,baking, brewing, and braising.
      With baking it looks at flower and its history, leavening, and baking. I found the difference between whole wheat flower and natural sour dough fermentation versus white flower and yeast cake rising  interesting. It makes an interesting argument as far as health.
      I am not promoting Netflix however i do feel it has some good stuff. This is a Netflix only series.
    • By cognacxo
      Kamado delivered Saturday,  cured it Sunday....  now it begins..... cooking a seven bone Prime Rib for Christmas want to do a couple of test runs this week. Heat deflector will be here tomorrow.  Any suggestions?
    • By Bay BBQ
      I really need schooling on Chops. I seem to have an Achilles Heel with Chops. I love my Big Joe. Everything I have tried has been great.
      seriously. I came from a Weber and a garage sale Green Egg. I cannot get Chops done right. I get perfect color and intrernal temp (155)
      But it seems a bit tough and not tender. I tried to wet brine and it too, was tough.
      (Wet brine on Spatch cock chicken has ruined me for any other way.) 
      My wife is afraid of under cooked chicken and pork, so I need it white at the center. Is this my problem? Should I pull at 145?Suggestions would be appreciated.
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