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Cooking with Wood not Lump in a Kamado?


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I have a buddy who is considering a switch to a Kamado (guess what sparked that :)) from an Old Smokey (i think).  Initially I thought I had him sold on a KJ and but it seems extremism runs in my circle and he's gung ho on a Komodo Kamado.  I figured who am I to stand in the way of someone buying a Komodo but he's talking about cooking with wood in the Kamado and not lump.  He asked me if it would work and I said I think it would but wasn't sure.


I know we constantly have the charcoal vs. lump debates which is educational for me but rarely does wood come into the conversation.  Is there anything wrong with using wood vs. lump charcoal?  Pros/Cons?  I'd hate for him to make the investment and be disappointed if his heart is set on cooking with wood.



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I am no expert by any means, but i would think the wood would burn much faster than charcoal. Might have to reload the fire bowl and make temp controll difficult. I would love to hear how his results are though.

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Since he is buying a KK---he should call Dennis and talk with him. Every one says Dennis is great to talk to and is a great source of knowledge.


My take would be that your best results will come from lump and wood chunks as desired.


I have seen some BBQ set ups where they burn the smoke off and when they get red coals --they shovel them into the cooker.

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Vol - send your Buddy over to the KK Forum ... komodokamadoforum.com Dennis Linkletter can give him wonderful guidance.

Yes, you can burn wood, but why would you? There is really no advantage. The disadvantage is you accumulate a lot more volatiles in your kamado and on the cook. Yes, smoking wood is used to flavor the cook, I grant you that. But full on wood is just too much, at least for me, and for most folks. A kamado is not a stick burner.

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