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1st Rotisserie and Duel KK Cook


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That chicken looks fantastic. Did you notice any difference between using the rotisserie and other methods of cooking on the Kamado?

Being my very first rotisserie cook ever it's to early to really judge the difference. Maybe in another couple of cooks I could really comment on that.

I do know it tasted fantastic and had super crispy skin. I could have made a meal out of the skin alone. Very juicy chicken. When I first pulled it off the KK you could see the juices bubbling up (if that makes any sense)

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CK, man you guys eat well. That chicken looks absolutely amazing. Great skin color and texture with just a bit of char. Perfect in my book, buddy. That rotisserie basket looks a bit like some medieval torture device.

TY, the chicken skin came out perfect in my book also.

I wasn't sure if I would like that basket setup or not. It looks like it would be a pain in the rear to use and clean .......

But it is really well designed. The torture arms adjust with large thumb screws. They also can be slid to the end and they come right off the basket. The torture arms can then be further broke down for cleaning purposes.

Once I had the whole rotisserie system figured out it works really well. I can see doing most of my future chicken cooks rotisserie style.

That was a fairly large chicken and I was worried how it would fit but it fit no problem. I think it would hold 2 average sized chickens or maybe 3 Cornish hens. 4 or 6 leg quarters? Turkey breast for Thanksgiving - hummm - We will surely find out in the near future.

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