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Reverse Sear, Prime Ribeye Cap Steak (Poor mans Kobe)

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Just picked these up at Costco yesterday, going to plop them on the grill in about an hour or so.  To me this is the best cut of Beef you can buy for any thing south of $20/lb


I think I am going to reverse sear, starting out at about 190-200, using Hickory wood for smoke.

These are just over 8oz each a little under 2" thick.

Will smoke until internal temp to about 110, pull off and wrap in foil, bring grill up to about 700 and sear both sides about a minute or so each, I want it good and charred try to get rid of as much fat as I can and crisp as much as I can in a short time.


I am having 4 decent size Shrimp each on a skewer sprayed with coconut oil, will cut up some fresh Jalapenos out of the garden to put between the shrimp for a little zing.

Will do those when searing the steak, about 1 minute or so per side. After done will slather liberally with Pineapple Habanero Sauce.


With that will be 3 palm plus size Yukon Gold potatoes cut up about the size of 1/2 dollar, so 4 to 6 pieces each tater.

Put those in the pot, add one large Vidalia onion cut up into about thumb size pieces, add just enough water to cover and turn on medium heat, salt the water of course.

Boil that until at least 1/2 the water is gone, by then the potatoes should be fork tender, then add at least 1/2 stick of the best butter you can get and probably about 3/4 cup of Half & Half and keep simmer/boil until its thickened to a nice sauce, add fresh ground pepper and a good handful of cheese like various Cheddar's, white cheddar, sharp, even a Italian mix whatever floats your boat and stir that in until it incorporates nicely melting in.

The result is very creamy good size chunks of potato loaded with onion in a creamy butter cheese sauce..


Then taking 4 nice whole carrots peeling them, and put in a skillet with about 2-3 oz water to steam them, once water is gone add plenty of good butter and saute until tender.

Then add a good amount of honey and just a wee pinch of cinnamon.


Served with a nice Zinfandel






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Those are gonna be tasty!!! But, I must disagree with you... poor people ain't eating steaks like that, we're eating Bologna steaks !!!

Nothing wrong with a thick cut bologna grilled sammie! A little cajun moutard!

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Those are gonna be tasty!!! But, I must disagree with you... poor people ain't eating steaks like that, we're eating Bologna steaks !!!


Well true to a point, however these nice steaks were only about $8.50 each whereas a Kobe steak this size would be about $68.50 or more thus "Poor mans Kobe"


Hell I paid like $6 for a dang hamburger last time I went to 5 Guys.

Even a thick 8 oz Bologna steak will cost you about $3. 

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I'm a big fan of the Deckle. I hope I see these at my local Costco soon.

 Yeah I hope they keep doing these, first time I have seen them.

In fact the only way I have ever had these was the few times that I bought a whole Rib Roast and cut my own steaks, I made a couple of these.

To me its the best cut of beef you can buy, its as tender as Filet but with the flavor of Rib Eye.

The way I usually pick my Rib Eyes is I look for the larger cap.

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Well these came out fantastic, extremely tender one of the best non Sous Vide steaks I have ever had. Even though these were Red Neck Sue Veed and came out pretty darn good perfect medium rare with only like 1/16th inch top and bottom not a perfect medium rare.

I started the fire in the very back of the firebox only but started that back 1/3rd REALLY good and put the steaks way up front as far as I could so no direct heat at all.

I added several chunks of good Hickory wood added some chicken breast to smoke to use later and put the steaks on.

My temp settled in at 212 and stayed right there. 

They smoked at 212 for close to an hour before they got to 110 IT, I pulled them and wrapped in foil and gave the coals a quick boost with the weed torch opened all the vents then hit the bottom vent with some canned air to get it blow torching.

Within about 4 minutes or so it was around 650 degrees "at the dome" but I am sure much hotter over that now almost 1/2 the coals in the back with the flames going up through the grate an inch or two now.

The IT of the foiled steaks were now at 117 when I put them on.

I pulled them at 133, final was 137 degrees on the plate.


I had coated the steaks liberally with Montreal Steak Seasoning about 2 hours prior to grilling.

I put them in the fire for about 1 minute and 30 seconds per side to get a very nice deep char on the fat.

after an hour at 212 much of the fat had rendered nicely and 3 minutes total over a rip roaring flame was perfect.

They had a very nice smokey flavor.


Very pleased with the outcome of reverse searing the Rib Eye Cap Steaks, in fact I can not imagine you could cook these any other way.  If you just slapped these on a hot flame from the start by the time the center was medium rare just a small core would be perfectly done while the rest would be over cooked.






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