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120 pounds of goodness


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I am tempted to make the journey...

I think I would be more inclined to come if I was buying a KJ BUT considering the difficulty (at least for me in San Antonio) to get the new lump I probably would drive down to load up on lump.

I don't think they have any alert system.. Unfortunate.

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Lately they have been hitting Central Texas twice a year, so it should be soon.

With 2 Big Joe's, a Jr and a dozen bags of lump, I don't need anything. But I'll go by and say Hi to Eric if he's working the show.

Brett was there yesterday didn't see anyone else helping him

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I was thinking you mean't South Australia, then I thought South Africa, and then finally I googled New Braunfels and realized you mean't San Antonio, TX.......

Nice purchase dude. Many long hours of burning in those bags.

I'm sorry about that Beermachine

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I continue to be disappointed that KJ never visits New England.  I don't get it.

I was told the roadshow should be up here in 2016.


I have seen a trager roadshow at the local costco...



I just saw the Trager show at Costco yesterday.  I looked at it and said "who would pay that much money for a smoker?"  A bit of self reflection kicked in and then the voices in my head said but the Kamado is sooo much more!  Then all was good in the world again.

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