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Tiptoptemp temperature controller on Vision Pro S


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Hi all,

I know there is another post for the tiptoptemp. But I thought this was more appropriate in the vision forum. For those of you who don't know, the tiptoptemp is a temperature controller that sits on your vent top. It controls the temp by opening and closing a flap. When the heat rises, the flap closes. When it gets cooler the flap opens depending how how you set it. It's a good alternative to the more expensive auto temperature controllers, which I didn't want to spend money on. The TTT needs a bit of modification since it's too small for the pro s vent. I used an 8 inch to 5 inch vent pipe reducer from the Home Depot. But all in it was less than $50 ($30 for the TTT, $16.50 for the reducer), which is right within my budget. Here is a YouTube video of my modification.

I have since added a silicone band (Grifin 9inch big-### bands) around the bottom of the reducer so I don't have to put it on the vent too hard and can take it off more easily. I just smoked some ribs and it kept the temp within a couple of degrees of my set temp for 3 hours (I took a nice afternoon nap). Anyway, I hope you find this helpful.




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Very cool. Thanks for posting this. I have been looking at the TTT for my Classic B. It has the same style top and so this solution may very well work for it as well. Would for sure provide a little peace of mind on overnight low and slows.


Keep us posted on how well this works for you.

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The Tip Top Temp controller acts a lot like the fan based temperature controller only even simpler. Instead of manual adjusting vents to maintain temp on a long and slow cook. You set the controller and the bimetal spring adjusts the top vent setting to either allow more or less air flow through the grill, thus raising or lowering the temp inside. This is great for overnights as the outside temperature can change the inside environment, as fuel burns, the ash can either plug holes, or the consumed fuel can open up holes changes the air flow. This top adjusts for those changes helping maintain a more consistent temp.


Makes the grill even more set it and forget it. On short cooks it is already set and forget, although I have to say, I have done some long cooks and not had a lot of fluctuation, but then too I don't get too concerned about small spikes or dips in temp as long as I haven't snuffed out.

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jkill73 - that was my thought as well.  A relatively cheap way of ensuring more stable temps for a long cook.  Sure you don't get the notifications or wireless monitoring that you might with the other controllers, but if you've already got a dual-probe thermometer, this could be a nice, albeit a bit McGuyver-ish, addition. 

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I actually have an igrill2, which gives you a graph for the temperature over time. That's how I knew the temp didn't fluctuate too much notwithstanding my afternoon nap. I'm going to try to just laid my Vision up with some charcoal and run it without meat for 6 or 7 hours when I get the chance. I want to make sure I understand how it behaves

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Too quick on the reply button. What I was trying to say was that I want to make sure I know how it behaves and how to adjust to sustain temp over a longer period of time before I attempt an overnight with it. But for the three hours, I could see the flap on top open and close so it was working.

Also FYI, if you're going to try to Macgyver this thing I suggest going to the local Home Depot with your top vent to see which reducer fits. The reducers are for HVAC venting so I know they have other sizes (6 to 5 inch). The 8 inch to 5 inch I used was ordered from the website to the local store but was about twice as expensive as what you can get in store. The side going to the TTT just has to be 5 inches.

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