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Turkey Questions


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Hi all -


I'm going to be cooking my first turkey for Thanksgiving next week.  I'm relatively new to all this and haven't smoked a bird yet.  I've done quite a bit of research on brines, rubs, heat, etc.  I'm cooking on a Vision Classic B.  I think I'll be cooking a bird that's around 15 lbs or so.  I'll probably shoot for an internal grill temp of 375.


Coupla questions I couldn't find yet:


I'm trying to figure out when to do this and how long the cook should take.  The bird needs to be ready by lunch (noon).  Additionally, I have to transport the bird an hour.  Is there some sort of rough equation on how long it should take a bird to cook?  X number of minutes per pound at 375?  We'd like to be there by mid-morning so I'm trying to determine how early I need to get up to get this thing going.  - OR - 


Follow up question - what happens if I cook the bird the day before?  If it's going to take me 5 or more hours to cook, I may just do it on Wednesday evening so that I have enough time to do it and I don't have to get up crazy early on Thursday.  If so, should I just foil and refrigerate, and then reheat it in the oven the next day?  I have no idea how to keep it from drying out, getting rubbery, etc.


As a reference point, I'm mostly working off of John Setzler's video on it:



Thanks for any input folks!

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not sure on the time it will take as I have only smoked a breast on mine and not a whole bird, but the hour trip will be a good rest time and if foiled and put in a cooler or warming bag with some towels it will stay warm and allow the juices to redistribute. I would venture to guess if you stopped short of fully cooking the bird, you could finish it in the oven without drying it out too bad and would still have a nice smoked flavor to it if you needed to do that because of the time needed.


If it were me, I would see what the response was on cook time, add a little time as a buffer, and just start it early, as long as temps were maintaining well, I would rest and check it when I got up. then foil/pack/transport/carve/and enjoy

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2 minutes ago, Texasbrons said:

So I'm curious.  What did you end up doing and how did it end up coming out?  Sharing the info may be useful to others in the future!!  Thanks in advance.

Welcome. Stop by and introduce yourself! 

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