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Umai Dry Bags

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18 minutes ago, shuley said:

I agree, it would be much more reasonable this way. I think one of these weeks I need to do an experiment with non aged steaks to see if I can discern the difference between a steak that has been frozen or not.... maybe my fears are unfounded


I think unless someone cooks and eats steaks on a regular and constant basis you would never be able to tell the difference. If one version is more tender than the other it probably has more to do with the actual cooking not weather it was previously frozen or not. 


I'm sort of strange about this. I actually think freezing and thawing helps tenderize them. The liquid in the meat expands as it freezes which helps break down the cellular structure




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1 hour ago, K-ville said:

I took the plunge today. Got a 6 kilo boneless strip loin today and started the process. Thanks for the push gurus.



Being a boneless strip loin I would not leave it in there for an extended time. If it was me 28 days max. If you leave it in to long you'll have to trim off even more and your steaks will get smaller. 


Looks like it has a nice fat cap which is a good thing. 



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