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Healthy Lifestyles Section - Open by Request Only

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Greetings Gurus!


I have added a "Healthy Lifestyles" section to the forum in the General Discussion area.  By default, you will not see this section.  After discussion with the members, I decided to add this section as a by request section only so those who are not interested won't have to see the posts that fall into that area.  


This section will be dedicated to members here who are interested in health, exercise, diet, tips, techniques, sharing, and other general information related to healthy lifestyles.  We will be sharing exercise and diet stories, tips, techniques, and food suggestions for that process.  We will be motivating each other to achieve goals.  We will be generally having a good time :)


If you would like to be added to the group who can see and participate in this section, please respond to this thread and you will be added as soon as possible.  Once you are added, your response to this thread will be deleted.




John Setzler


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