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John Setzler

2015 Kamado Joe Smoked Turkey

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I did this today. Early on, it became clear that my digital thermometer wasn't right.


Then I tried another. It was also not working right.


Because of this I had to depend on the dome thermometer and a thermo-pen. I don't like poking holes in the bird every 15 minutes but that's how this cook went.


When the breast hit 160 the thighs were 140. I thought that the cook was doomed. I cooked until the thermo-pen read 160 in the thighs and then I removed the bird from the grill and tented it with foil for a bit more than 30 minutes. 


Despite all of the problems the bird was very juicy. The only complaint was that we could taste the grill. I'm hoping that this will improve with more use/seasoning. 


I used the liquid from the drip pan to make gravy. It tasted great.


I'll do this again for sure. Beer can chicken is probably my next cook though.





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2 hours ago, John Setzler said:



I have never had the breast finish before the legs/thighs.  were you cooking breast side up or down? I Always cook breast side up for this reason.

I was breast side up. I thought that having the dark meat closer to the heat would help. I might try breast side down next time to see what happens. I'm wondering if the drip pan full of liquid being closer to the thighs was causing this. I'm happy that the turkey was juicy and flavorful but I hope that next time won't be so stressful. I have a thermopro on the way to replace the thermometer that didn't work. 


My project for tomorrow, if it doesn't rain, is to seal up the top and bottom vents of my pit boss kamado. I finished my cook more than 4 hours ago and the grill is still over 150 degrees. There's bad weather coming so I want to get the cover on. 

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I've had good results with fresh turkey doing it spatchcocked. Brining it overnight. It seems to cook evenly and is always juicy.

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