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  • Similar Content

    • By DerHusker
      Chicken is my wife’s favorite and I like to cook things she’ll like, most of the time , so I cooked up some Chichen Shawarma. Started out by skinning and de-boning some chicken thighs that I had thawed out. I cut each in half and set them aside in the fridge.

      I now got out the ingredients for a yogurt based Sharwarma marinade.


      Everybody in the pool

      and gave it a good spin with the whisk.

      I then put the chicken thighs in and stirred it up to get complete coverage on all surfaces.

      I then covered the bowl with plastic wrap and placed them in the fridge to rest overnight. Now I made up a batch of Tzatziki.

      Link to recipes:
      The next day I broke out my vertical spit.

      And loaded it up with the Shawarma and topped it with a nice thick slice of red onion

      After I had preheated my kamado up to 325 for 1/2 hour I put the Shawarma in.

      I checked on it after about 25 minutes and knew it could go much longer.

      After about 1 hour I started getting everything ready. I cut up my veggies

      and got the Tzatziki out.

      I also set up my craving station.

      Once the Shawarma developed some char on it, I removed it and sliced off the outer layer and then placed it back in the kamado.

      I warmed up some flat bread and spooned on some Tzatziki and then made up some Shawarma Sammi’s.

      Here they are served street food style with a Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin and some mandarin orange slices.




      SO GOOD!

      Thanks for looking.
    • By Tarheel
      Dinner tonight was smoked meat loaf, with smoked mac & cheese and prosciutto wrapped asparagus, all cooked on the kamado.
      I started up the Vision, and added a few chunks of cherry wood:

      and brought it up to temp:

      While the Vision was coming to temperature I cooked the bacon for the mac & cheese, and sauteed the onions, green pepper, and garlic for the meat loaf:

      As I boiled the macaroni, I put the meatloaf on the grill:

      And finished the mac & cheese:

      At this point it was still too early to put the mac & cheese on the Kamado, so I made the wrapped asparagus. Each slice of prosciutto was coated with a thin layer of cream cheese, and then I wrapped the asparagus with a diagonal orientation to increase the coverage of the prosciutto over the asparagus:


      At this point I added the mac & cheese to the kamado:

      And after 45 minutes took them off, cooked to perfection!


      Then on went the asparagus:

      and off after about 12 minutes...

      And *** finally *** plated up a pretty good meal!

    • By Smoke and Awe
      Most of you don't cook the way I do, but these lowly chicken thighs will be mighty tasty.  Rubbed with Grill Mates Mojito Lime and started skin side down in the pan.  After fat was rendered and skin crisp, flipped them over to finish.  Special price $.49/lb, just couldn't leave them in the store.[
    • By Smokehowze
      Texas Pete Chicken Thighs (aka Hot Thighs)
      This cook was an approach to give the flavor impact of hot wings to a piece of sink your teeth into it meat.  The combination of boneless chicken thighs and Texas Pete buffalo wing sauce did the trick.  Nothing like hot thighs! 
      Dinner is Served - Lip Smacking Good!

      The Main Attraction
      The 8 pounds of chicken thighs being boneless were unrolled into a flat piece. They were marinated for 24 hrs plus in the Texas Pete.   Prior to grilling they were dusted on both sides with a Cajun Seasoning blend for extra pop.
      The 24 Hour Marinade

      Cooked on Big(Red) Joe at 375- 400 degrees direct grilling with mesquite wood for flavor.  I turned them periodically, rearranged on the grill as needed, and basted them on both sides with additional Texas Pete building a deep flavor profile.  When they were done at 170-175 internal, they were sauced yet again prior to serving with a short rest period to let the final coating of Texas Pete set up. 
      Why I have a Big Joe in the Arsenal

      Cooking Nicely – Time for Some Sauce  (Or was it more sauce??)

      Almost Done and More Sauce

      Done and Yet More Sauce

      Delicious deep kick butt flavor in the chicken.  A winner by any and all measure.
      The Accompaniments
      Sides for this meal included grilled zucchini and yellow squash cooked on Joe prior to the chicken.  Also a nice inslata caprese, a simple salade verte, and a dish of ripe avocado mixed with sharp cheddar cubes rounded out the plate and the palate.
       Grilled Zucchini & Yellow Squash - Olive Oil and a Sprinkle of Some Dried Herbs

      Insalata Caprese  (Yeah the tomatoes have been good and its spring time... this is been an addition to our last several meals)

      A Simple Salade Verte Using Butter Lettuce

      Ripe Avocado and Sharp Cheddar Cheese - Lightly refreshed with avocado oil and spritz of lemon

      The Verdict
      A well rounded flavorful spicy meal.   It was hard to keep from going back for more of the juicy chicken thighs at dinner with the mix of wing sauce flavor, the undertones of Cajun seasoning, the mesquite smoke and the slight charring of the chicken and sauce hitting all the right notes.  Glad I cooked all 8 pounds.  Woo Hoo,  leftovers!
      A  Last Peek to Get Your Taste Buds Fully Awake

    • By CheeseMcGee
      I may have gone a bit overboard tonight... if that is even a "thing".  I missed an opportunity to use my new KJ yesterday, so I doubled down today.  Bonus, we have enough food to feed the house for the next week!  
      Steak sandwich, Andouille stuffed Jalapenos, Smoked Onion, Smoked Mac & Cheese, and Cedar Plank Twinkies for dessert!

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