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bosco's Delivery Thread


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I got word at 6:30am, that Customs accepted the declaration so I headed an hour east and went to pay for my delivery.  I was able to get same day shipping so I figured lest do this!!!   


They showed up around 1:30pm today and I did this by myself.  I really wanted to chronicle everything from beginning to end but it was going to rain and I wanted to get it done as soon as I could.  


I will say that the 3 skids were packed to perfection.  Dennis you're crew know how to secure the goods!!!  Everything was a piece of cake after watching everyone uncrate their stuff.  I could only get the 23" skid in the yard, the rest remained in the driveway.  


Tomorrow I will post pictures of the goodies that I got.... there are lots.  I haven't even pulled out what is inside the KKs as of yet.  Anyways, about 2 hours later and three trips to the City dump I am all cleaned up and ready to present some photos!!!


I am so overwhelmed with the beauty of these KKs.  It is true what they say, a picture just doesn't do it justice.  This is some of the finest craftsmanship that I have ever seen in my life.  


They were bigger than what I was expecting but in all honesty that 32" is not crazy!! It is a very manageable size for grilling!!!!!!!!!


So excited, I can't wait to roll some smoke through these puppies!!!


Dennis,  thank you so much for taking the time to explain everything to me.  You are the man behind the brand and I am so grateful to be cooking on these KKs!!!!   


I will post more as I go I promise.... for now I am off to watch my sons hockey game.  


Tomorrow we break them in and get them dirty!!


What an exciting day!!

































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Gorgeous setup!  Christmas comes early out your way, I guess.  A couple of those pictures where they were still crated reminded me of a shot from one of the Jurassic Park movies, when you could just glimpse the beast through the slats. 


Enjoy and thanks for sharing. 

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