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bosco's first cook on a KK


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Tonight the weather cooperated and I wanted to cook on my KKs.  I have had them for a week now and have yet to cook on them.  Many people asked me what my first cook would be... and I figured go with what I love the most!!


I love Mexican food and figured I was due to make some carne asada.  I added a few more things to the meal. 


I marinated flank steak with my carne asada mojo, and used John Henry's Cilantro and Lime on the chicken and shrimp.  


I am very impressed with the Komodo Kamado!!  Nice to finally pop its cherry


Anyways here you go!!


I just love the look and feel of the KK




After getting the 23 up to 375, I added some chicken to start.  Then I added some steak, and finally the shrimp.  The smells coming from the top cap was just amazing!!!




Once I pulled the chicken off, I added a bit more heat.  I went up to 400 with no effort at all




After it was all finished, I brought everything into the house




While I was cooking my 12 year old son helped make the corn tortillas.  We pressed 16 of them!!!  


all the fixings!!




3 tacos, one shrimp, one chicken and one steak.  Added my home made pico and some queso cheese!!!!!!  




A great cook tonight and I am very pleased with the results.  I wish I could share with all of you!!



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