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Yesterday was agreed day with my good friend Rak. He is still it cleared to drive and I figured that he needed an outing. I drove out an hour to pick him up and brought him to see the new kks.

Then we had some lunch. He looks good!! I'm glad you are still around buddy to hang out with.

The jury is back..... And Rak is in love!!!!

This is what the site and hobby is all about. Sharing you're love for this hobby and meeting great people.

Now if I could get this site to reimburse me the broken windshield that I got yesterday lol!!!!!



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Driving an hour to pick Rak up equates to my daily commute to downtown Houston one-way! (ugh).  


What a wonderful story, and a great friendship.


Did you guys make a pit-stop for some Kamado goodies as you've done in the past?


Great story....except for the windshield part.  Did a rock jump out at you?

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Smoker08 when I first ordered I wanted the olive gold pebble. I wasn't too sure about the harvest gold.

Picture really didn't prepare me for what I got!!! The colours in person are spectacular and the teak cabinet really ties everything together. Up against my brick this setup really pops.

I'm going to add a gazebo and garden pots next year to grow fresh herbs as well. I think it will all come together.

I am now a convert and love the harvest gold !!!

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Thanks for helping me escape for a few hours buddy!!  Honestly, it was a great day and those KK's are just beautiful.  I tried to sneak out with the 23" but couldn't fit it under my jacket! 


A great afternoon with a good friend, talking about food and bbq's...Life is good!

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