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Feels great to be back in action.......


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Been absent from here a heap of the time since last April.

Had some back trouble that is now healing, thankfully.....but it put me down in the dirt for a while.
Losing some weight and exercising really has been helping.  Hard to find my stride with the new lifelong diet while looking at the delicious pics in here.
I'm dialed in and feeling much, much better.
Fired up the grill yesterday and Teenage T-Rex seemed mighty pleased at seeing this.  He ate like only a kid with a crazy high metabolism can eat.  Me being the old man that I am.....avoided the carbohydrate heavy stuff and stuck to the protein rich stuff.
Pics of yesterdays grilling....just a good basic American backyard meal to get my sea legs back underneath me.  Almost forgot how to run the grill.
Started by making a batch of John's MCM Hot Dog Chili.  Love this stuff !!!!
Plenty of it leftover for the family to thaw out and reheat for future hot dog or brat meals when I'm working.
I like some jalapeños & onions in my hamburger patties.
I love hitting the dogs with Franks while they are cooking.  Sure adds a nice flavor when you're eating your dog nekkid.
Leaves a nice flavor on the outside.  Love some Nathan's around my house.
Triple cheesed......
T-Rex's first plate.....he added chips, too.
Momma's burger.....
My burger and hot dog were nekkid except for some of this goodness on top.....
Glad to be back.   So very grateful to be getting healthy, too.
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Yo Dub, glad you're gettin' back in the saddle. Keep feeding that young buck well, so he can keep helping out around the house. Every time I cook or see a post about your killer pulled beef, I raise a pint of Guiness in your honor. Keep up the hard tedious painful rehab and you'll be back kickin' #### and takin' names in no time.

Always love reading your posts, but this was just a little TMI...

"I love hitting the dogs with Franks while they are cooking. Sure adds a nice flavor when you're eating your dog nekkid."

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This being my wood......












This being the butt I rubbed.........






























Kept getting photobombed by my girls.......











Harder to see in this picture....but they are out there....watching me like hawks....












Added a slab of nicely glazed up rubbed spareribs later on in the morning.












Lazy day grilling.      Life is good.

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Shoulder bone pulled out clean.......always a good sign.











Shredded apart with great ease, too.















Hit it with some pullin sauce and put some ribs on the plate, too.





Sauced the ribs with Rufus Teaque hickory sauce......great stuff.  I didn't do so well on the ribs.....but that sauce hid my shortcomings nicely.









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