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USDA Prime NY Strip @ 1100*


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Three 1.25" USDA Prime NY Strip Steaks from Costco.

Seasoned only with sea salt and freshly cracked pepper and allowed to sit 1 hour.

The Cook Air grill loaded to capacity with cherry wood lumps and brought to a screaming 1100* with the fan on high for the entire cook.

The steaks cooked flip/flip to an IT of 125*.

Plated simply with air fried shoestring potatoes and Caesar salad.

If my cholesterol levels and budget would take it, I'd eat this steak 3x.


Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking.


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That looks amazing--- another awesome cook. So which way do you prefer?  Sous Vide and The Cook Air or directly to the Cook Air.


Because of you I bought one for Christmas and have not tried it yet.

Thank you, Marty.  For cuts more than 2" I like to sous vide and then hard sear.  I've learned since my earlier post that seasoning the meat before it goes in the vacuum bag helps a lot to add flavor during the water bath.

For cuts under 2" I like the super hot Cook Air flip/flip, then, at the very end turn the fan to #1, put on the lid and add just a bit of smoke from the cooking wood.

Go ahead and break yours out of the box.  I'd love to see your results.

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Saw this ad (pic) in the mail the other day:

Sizzler Steakhouse:


I always chuckle when I see these pics. If only they knew what a properly prepared steak should look like...heck, if they knew...the ad (pic) would have looked something like this:



Thank you, Rob.  Yeah, I chuckle at those adds, too.  Some people like the heavy grill marks.  To me they are just an indication that the meat in between the marks is not properly charred.

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The Cook Air grill loaded to capacity with cherry wood lumps and brought to a screaming 1100* with the fan on high for the entire cook.


Nice sear job jj. Hot & Fast is how I like my steaks. The Cook Air doesn't appear to have a dome thermometer which is kind of a shame. They are a lot more easy to transport than a small ceramic. I have a covered back porch just off my kitchen. I wouldn't ever consider using any kind of a ceramic kamado back there due to the fact that it is attached to my house. I have strong feelings about charcoal cooking on decks that are attached to homes. It just isn't smart, however I would probably feel OK about using one of those back there, as the base stays cool, and they appear to cool down quickly. It would beat runnng out to my pitt in real cold or inclement weather. 

Two questions: (1) Can you burn lump charcoal in the Cook Air? 

                         (2) Am I correct there is no dome thermometer, and if not, do you feel that is an issue?

Thanks in advaance jj!!!

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Many thanks, Andy.  Unless I'm cooking a chuck or a roast or a really thick show-off cut,  hot and fast is my favorite way to cook a high quality steak. 


In answer:

The manufacturer recommends using only ​its pressed wood pucks (of course) or chunks of hardwood.  I use the same wood chunks I buy for use in smoking on the kamados. 

There is no dome thermometer.  All of my cooks so far have been high or very high heat, and thus required only an insta-read.  I've tried using the dome for a smoky finish by turning the 5 speed fan down to #1 and letting the wood return to smolder for a minute or so.  Again, no real need for a dome temp readout.

I guess you could install one easily enough--using the shortest pit probe available and the threaded mount with a wingnut.


I'd love to see what you could do with one of these.  To my mind, it was $150 very well spent.

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