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The Purpose of the CHARCUTERIE Section of Kamado Guru

John Setzler

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Greetings Gurus!


I have decided to create this new section and give it a try in 2016.  One of my personal projects this year is going to be learning to make homemade sausages and other home cured/smoked meats.  Since the preparation and execution of this type of stuff is slightly different than most, I thought a separate forum section might be appropriate for it.  If it turns out to be useless, we will combine it back in with the regular cooking forum at a later date.


We have had several projects going on here in the past that would fit into this category.  One of the more common ones is the making of pastrami and/or corned beef brisket.  Both of those meats are cured.  Homemade bacon is also cured and would fit into this category.  Several folks here have made some really great looking home cured/smoked sausages that would also fit into this section nicely.


Basically, any time you create a brine or dry rub/brine that contains 'pink salt' or any of the other curing salts, those projects would ultimately fall into this category.


I have purchased a few books that will help me in this project and I will be sharing each of my experiences here in this section of the forum.   I am going to start out with a few simple projects and then get a little more complicated as we go... I'm looking forward to it!



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Somebody work the kinks out of a high quality prosciutto and post up. I'll be watching this forum for sure. Thanks John and good luck.

Homemade bacon is one of my families favorites since I picked up the Kamado habit. Taking it a few steps deeper into the charcuterie wing will only help my standing

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I have an upcoming project that should fit in well.  Biltong!

Aka Jerkey for those that do not speak South African English. Next minute you'll be telling us you are going to go and brai with the Kamado!  :)


Kinda sorta like beef jerky but there are a few key differences.


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Great new board, I love making sausage, bacon, and cured meats, it can get addicting.  I'm stuck on making pork shoulder Buckboard bacon right now, I can't get enough of the stuff!

Next time butts go on sale, ima try some backboard BACON!!! And Ima bother the Hell out of you for pointers!!

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