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A few questions about KJ Roadshows at Costco


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I'm new to the bog/forum.  Any and all insight is welcomed.  So...I'm looking for a KJ and want to take advantage of the Roadshows at Costco.  I don't have one close by, but my sister is in the same town as one this weekend.  I'm going to try and convince her to secure one for me before she comes up to Gainesville for the weekend.  


I did have a few questions...


- What are the price ranges for the KJ's during the roadshow?  I've read/heard that these are the best deals for the KJ and BBQGuys even said that they would not match the Costco prices.  If I can get the deal that I saw on previous topics...I'd definitely do that.  (Big Joe floor model and free Joe Jr.)

- If they do not have a KJ in stock, will they let you order one?  Or is it only for what is in stock?

- Recommendations on items to get at the Roadshow as well...I've seen a lot of charcoal recommendations.

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Welcome pbanis. Lots of friendly people here always willing to help others.

I recently purchased the display model of the Big Joe and got the Joe JR display for free at the KJ roadshow at the Mall of Georgia Costco. If you are trying to score this deal you must be the first person to ask to buy the Big Joe display so if you are wanting this deal I would suggest arriving early on the first day of the roadshow. Secondly if you are lucky enough to get the deal you must make the purchase at that time and take a copy of the receipt to the KJ rep so he can tape it to the floor model. You will not be able to take grills at this time. You will need to go back on the last day of the roadshow a couple hours before Costco closes to pick up the grills. A small sacrifice for such an amazing deal.

Prices at the December 14-23 Mall of Georgia Costco KJ roadshow is as follows:

Big Joe - $1200

Classic - $750 maybe a little more or less. Not sure on exact price but it was between $700 and $800.

Joe JR - $400

The Big Joe and Classic both come with a cover, ash tool, fire starters, cart with side shelves, and a grate lifter.

Joe JR comes with its stand, ash tool, fire starters, and grate lifter. No cover for Joe JR.

Charcoal prices were $29.99 for 2 twenty pound bags.

I think this just about covers your questions.

There was a guy there that bought the classic display model after I decided to get the Big Joe and I think he got a free KJ cast iron Wok.

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Sorry. Missed the last question. To the best of my knowledge and from talking with the rep at the roadshow that all that is available is what they bring to the show (Grills and Charcoal). However, that should be plenty. He told me he sold over $30K worth of grills during the roadshow and he still had a good amount of inventory left.

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Are you near JAX? There's a dealer off I-10 that price matches the Costco deal. Let me know and I'll try and dig up their phone number.

At least that is what they told me. I still bought my Big Joe and Joe Junior from Costco.

I'm close to Jax. Their info would be great in case I am not successful this weekend.


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Thanks everyone. I actually found a like new Joe Classic for $550. Did my first cook tonight..not perfect but it was a start.

pbanis where did you find it at that price? New or used?

It was used. Found it on Craigslist. The original owner used it 4 times.

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