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What size is this BGE, whats it worth?


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Looks like a large which is 18 inches. The grill grate is not the one that came with the kamado... Looks like a cheap weber replacement... The side tables and cart are usually extras on the big green egg. No other accessories visible. I would want a plate setter so i could do indirect as well as direct cooking...

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I just bought a used Large egg off Craigslist. Owner said excellent condition but it was more like Good. Came with nest, side tables, plate setter, ash tool. Bag of coal and starter cubes. I paid their asking price of $400. Fire bowl had a crack. Had to put on new felt. Gave it a good cleaning and built a $100 table for it this weekend.

Photo from Craigslist add


After 12 hours of ownership


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The Egg in your photo was made prior to 2012 as can be determined by the shorter lid handle. BGE went to a longer handle in 2012. Masonlane mentioned that the Egg is sitting in the nest incorrectly with a leg of the nest directly in front of or in contact with the bottom vent slider. I would check the bottom vent to see if it is bent or damaged.  With no cracks, I would offer $300. That's a little low, but, honestly, I don't have much interest in an Egg without a warranty. IMO the warranty, in part, justifies their higher price, with out the warranty as it is, if I couldn't get for 300, I would buy a Vision. 

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