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1st posted Arizona snow cook:

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I have never seen a cook in the snow posted  from Arizona, so I am thinking this is the 1st. The wife and were hungry and wanted dinner quick. I threw a couple of bone in pork chops in the taco rack on the Webber with some pecan smoke. You can see the snow on my deck and in the juniper tree behind. Really heavy wet stuff. After dinner I tried to shake some of it off to protect the tree limbs and found a couple of major branches had already broken. 


Smoke and Snow in the land of the Sun





Taco rack chops basking in pecan smoke



They came out nice and crispy but super moist


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WOW, Keeper.  You got a serious snowfall there up North.  Here in Tucson, it's been miserable--cold, rainy, windy, in the upper 40s and low 50s during the day and hovering around freezing at night.  At least you have the beauty of the snow.  El Nino, when she comes, is a real PIA here in spoiled SoAZ.

The chops look delicious.  Nice to see the Genesis being put to good use.

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Great looking chops, we're having snow this afternoon, for us La Niña makes for a better then normal winter.


Out here they are calling it a Godzilla El Nino because of the warm water currents that reportedly  come from the area of Japan. At Kapalua golf course on Maui, Hawaii they generally have stiff trade winds that really affect play. However, with the warm water current, the trade winds subside and the weather as I watch the tournament  on TV looks absolutely amazing. The El Nino is really plastering California and then Arizona and the Southwestern states with rain and snow in the higher elevations  before heading across the country. 

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