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Looftlighter vs Blowlighter


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I have been using the Looftlighter for two years now and would not be be without it. It just died (25 months) and not exchangeable since I bought it on amazon.

I like the blow feature of the blowlighter, but many of the reviews were bad and said it stopped working after a couple uses.

Anyone have experience with either or both the Looftlighter and blowlighter and which would you recommend?

Thinking I may just have to buy another one.

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I have heard some say a heat gun also. I tend to think what and when will something work and not work. If you are wanting to ensure you can light your unit in case of a power outage then you need something that will start it without electricity. If you don't smoke you also need to be sure that you know where an ignition source is for your desired starting material. For this reason I shy way from anything that uses electricity to start my fire. I also wanted something else besides relying on alcohol soaked cotton balls. I picked up a Benzomatic auto ignighter MAPP torch.

http://www.homedepot.com/p/Bernzomatic-TS8000KC-Premium-Torch-Kit-336638/205683985     $49.97

This unit can adjust the flame and auto ignites. If you can find the bottle you can start it as long as you have fuel in the bottle. Get a spare bottle and you're good to go for a couple years. Only thing to remember is get in the habit of every time before you start it you check to be sure that it is tightened on the bottle. You don't want to start it if the top is loose from the bottle. Don't ask how I know :oops: .

Just my $0.02



If you are doing a high heat burn or sear steaks then what Nunyabiz wrote above is better that the MAPP I would assume cause it would light more lump at any one time. I do have a question and concern for you Nunyabiz and others that use the weed torch. If you only want to light 1 small place for a low and slow does the weed torch light too much lump or is it ok? I know on CKGs you have to light only what you need. If the fire gets too hot you're stuck with a higher heat that you wanted and it's more difficult to lower the temp in those than others from what I've heard.

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