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It's my birthday, and . . . I wanted a piece of Butt!

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Yyyyyeees, Sir!  Time to fire up the Akorn to celebrate the day my Mama brought me into this world on January 19, 1964.


Gave my Butt a light oil rub down of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you know that First Cold Press kind, the night before the cook.  A generous coating of a Sweet Hickory dry rub followed by a tight wrapping of of my Butt with Cling Wrap.  Then, off I sent it to the fridge box to soak in all that goodness of the sweet brown sugar and tart apple cider crystals.


Mama didn't name me Waylon Jennings, Charlie Pride, or Merle Haggard.  She named me after a New York Giant Football player.  Nnnnnaaah, Sir, it wasn't Steve Goodman.


Loaded up the grill with some B&B Hickory Lump, that green bag stuff, and some Cherry wood chunks.  The temp stabilized around that magical heat of 250 degrees at 1:15 PM.  Placed my 9 pound Butt on the oiled grates.  I love the way that my Butt sizzles when it first hits the cast iron.


Mama said it was raining the day she brought me home from the hospital.  Maybe, that explains why I like the rain so much.


At 12:15 AM, the internal temp of my Butt hit my target temp of 205 degrees, 11 hours of cook time.  I swaddled my Butt in a few layers of tin foil and placed it in a cooler to take a deserved rest.


Mama said my drunk Uncle Odell took us home from the hospital in his old beat up pick-up truck.  Daddy was still in prison at that time.


I love the way the smoke ring surrounded my Butt in all that smoky goodness.




Mama took baby me from the hospital to our house on Wheat Street, down by the train tracks, on the wrong side, wouldn't you know.  Yyyyyeees, Sir.


Started shredding my Butt at 2:30 AM.




Well, it was all I could do to keep from crying tears of joy when reflecting on my 52 years.  And, even today, I don't mind fishing in the rain.


The finished product:




Thanks, Mama, for that blessed day 52 years ago on January 19, 1964.










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