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Looking fantastic, John. Where does the drive-thru line start?

I missed the details on that griddle you were using. What is it?

It's a Camp Chef griddle that I bought to use on my Camp Chef portable propane stove. I think it was about $35 on Amazon...

http://www.amazon.com/Camp-Chef-CGG16-G ... ef+griddle

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I made burgers on the akorn friday night, I started with hamburger pressed then cheese and minced onion and then another burger pattie on top pressed, on the grill, awesome but be careful when you bite into them the melted cheese tends to squirt and it is hot......But all the same I am going to try the smash burger I could all most smell it through the monitor.

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Nice video John. After watching that video Sunday morning I was craving burgers all day. So I stopped by academy sports and picked up a $10 dollar cast iron griddle so I could try the smash method using a burger press I had already. I threw the griddle on my new 22.5 one touch gold and gave it a try. These burgers came out great, they were real juicy. Here are a few pics.post-634-13756508091423_thumb.jpgpost-634-13756508092625_thumb.jpgpost-634-13756508093765_thumb.jpg

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Your right I could also do it on the stove but why cook inside when its 75 degrees outside. Plus I like spending most of my time outside and I do like a little charcoal flavor on my burger's.

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Charcoal flavor on a thin burger cooked on a griddle for a few minutes?

If you want charcoal flavor.........lose the griddle and cook it over charcoal.

That's why you have a charcoal grill.....isn't it?

Gee...but that's too easy..

Someone tell all the burger places that cook over charcoal, they're doing it all wrong.

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