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Summer Sausage: Semi-Dried Style Fermented Using Bactoferm F-LC Culture


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Summer Sausage: Semi-Dried Style Fermented Using Bactoferm F-LC Culture


This is a 10 pound batch of summer sausage that was produced using Bactoferm F-LC starter culture that ferments and converts dextrose in the sausage mix to lactic acid to add that characteristic mildly acidic tang to the sausage as well as secondary flavor elements.  Doing this has been on my to-list for a while.  Well, no longer. 


This post is about making a summer sausage in just that way.  I wanted to produce a summer sausage more towards the 'old world' way using ferment rather than utilizing citric acid or other shortcut means to introduce the acidic tang into the flavor profile. Previously I have used buttermilk and it does a nice job but it did not give quite the result I was looking for in producing a best-in-class sausage.


These were fermented for 34 hours and then smoked for 14 hours with a hickory/pecan blend at low temperature increasing over time until sausage attained 140 degrees internal.


EDITING NOTE:  I edited and split this post.  For those wanted a step-by-step, I have provided separately a very detailed and long post (picture heavy) to assist anyone wishing to produce summer sausage in this manner. 


A Fermented Semi-Dry Beef & Pork Summer Sausage








Each Sausage Log is about 1.25 lbs after smoking.  Green log weight was about 1.5 lbs.





I can definitely say that I have checked off this box and based on the impressive results I achieved it will be on my to-do list again and often.  This produced probably the best summer sausage we have ever eaten  - far surpassing the commercial varieties available in the USA.  All my objectives for this project were achieved or exceeded!


My Summer Sausage Recipe


The Recipe for 10 lbs (4.54 kg)   


For best results work by weight not volume - volume provided as an approximate guide - percentages are provided for scaling the recipe.  

  • Beef Chuck –                            2543 grams (5.6 lbs)
  • Pork Butt –                               1997 grams  (4.4 lbs)
  •                                                                                                         Percent by weight
  •                                                                                                          of total meat block
  • Salt, Diamond Kosher -               105 g  (~ 28 tsp)           2.31%
  • Cure #1 -                                   11.3 g  (=  2 tsp)            0.25%   Amount is based on 2 level tsp per 5 lbs of meat
  • Granulated Garlic -                     21.0 g  (~ 6 tsp)            0.46%
  • Onion Powder -                          10.0 g  (~ 4 tsp)            0.22%
  • Allspice -                                     5.7 g  (~ 3 tsp)              0.13%
  • Ground Coriander -                     10.0 g  (~ 3 tsp)           0.22%
  • Powdered Dextrose -                  46.5 g  (~ 15 tsp)         1.02%
  • Sugar -                                      25.0 g  (~ 5 tsp)              0.55%
  • Coarse Ground Black Pepper-     14.7 g  (~ 7 tsp)           0.32%
  • Whole Mustard Seeds -              28.8 g  (~ 9 tsp)             0.63%
  • Hungarian Paprika -                      6.3 g  (~ 3 tsp)             0.14%
  • Distilled Water for Slurry -           24.0 g  (~ 5 tsp)             0.53%
  • Bactoferm F-LC culture -             6.25 g  (~ 2 tsp)            


Let's enjoy some fine summer sausge charcuterie!

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