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Kamado Joe being Sold by Amazon?

Smoke'n Joe

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Was searching Amazon for Kamado Joe products and went into a couple of the grills and noticed that these were sold/shipped by Amazon. Does anyone know if these products will carry the KJ warranty and support like buying from a dealer does?

I would call KJ first to confirm Amazon is an authorized dealer.

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With Amazon you just need to be sure that the dealer that is selling is authorized by the manufacturing  company.


In some cases Amazon is selling direct--in other cases the item is sold by one company and fulfilled by Amazon.Then some times you are in the Market Place and buying directly from the seller who ships. In all cases Amazon takes a fee for handing the finances through its organization.


Some times with electronics there are companies that are not authorized by the manufacturer who will sell in the Market Place. In some cases if you go to the manufacturer site they will warn you to check the dealer against the authorized list when buying on Amazon. With some items on Amazon there are both authorized and not authorized sellers in the same list of sellers.

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KJ support told me they don't care where you buy it or if you are even the original owner on their kamado joes. All they care is proof you have one and of the issue so they ask you for a photo of the damage. 


And that's the way it should be. This game so many manufacturers play where the warranty is for the original owner only is just BS.

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KJ support told me they don't care where you buy it or if you are even the original owner on their kamado joes. All they care is proof you have one and of the issue so they ask you for a photo of the damage.

So you know exactly who told you that?



If my memory is correct I believe that the guy from Kamado Joe that occasionally posts here (Bobby?) said basically the same thing in a post a few months ago.

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Oh well... The written and published warranty says otherwise so i guess i have no clue... Lol


It's am important distinction. My understanding is that the written/published warranty is all that KJ legally has to fulfill*. Which means that although their practice today is to accept claims without proof of first ownership, one can't necessarily believe with confidence that this practice will continue indefinitely. So if someone purchases a KJ grill from an unauthorized source, or used, there's a chance that their warranty protection may be revoked. People who are first-owners with a grill registered from an authorized seller, OTOH, can rely on the warranty.




(* I'm not a lawyer, but the fact that a KJ representative publicly claimed in that thread that they're not concerned with first ownership & authorized seller may protect people who either purchased a grill prior to that post or have evidence that this statement impacted their purchase. However, I don't think it would necessarily protect future buyers as they would not have any certain reason to believe the policy was still in place and still supersedes the written policy.)

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Amazon still sells the KJ grills AND offers assembly (great if you don't have a 2nd person around) and assembly is free for prime.

But then when you try to checkout, its blocked as its too heavy to ship it seems.  oh great.

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